Marvio Ciribelli, pianist, arranger, composer and producer has raised his work to a level of Brazilian music which updates non-stop by its artistic possibilities, in a blend of knowledge and imagination. Thanks to his keen spirit, which remains indifferent to changes of attitudes concerning generations and fads, which would probably reduce his creative potential. He found his correct personal formula through freedom and command of his 'basic material'. He studied classical and popular piano, composition and harmony, in order to establish a personal language. Raised aware of his Brazilian roots, he uses his nuances and rhythm patterns as a reference or as an ingredient to an inevitable action based on improvisation, the main part in an exercise of freedom that surpasses mere market expectations, breaks boundaries and moves forward to the future. With unshakeable enthusiasm, Marvio Ciribelli has made of his music a shared way of life, establishing a collective, truthful and, above all, coherent feeling of happiness around him. No more, no less, the size of his heart.

Antonio Jorge Cavalcanti Netto, Journalist and Musical Producer