Education Background

Marvio Ciribelli began his classical piano studies with Aurelio Silveira, at the 'Conservatorio Fluminense de Musica', in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, where he also studied popular piano with Pedro Motta, at the 'Instituto Abel', a well known school in this town.

Marvio Ciribelli had composition lessons with Armando Quezada and mastered his skills with the pianists/composers Luiz Eça (Tamba Trio), Antonio Adolfo (Trio 3D) and Ian Guest (Hungarian Educator), developing through this mixture of styles his unmistakable own way of dealing with music.

Showing his sheer skill in communicating, Marvio Ciribelli also likes to teach and build up new talents, enabling them to discover his art and talent.


Marvio Ciribelli has been releasing his work since 1987 through the Mantra Label. He has nine records launched by this label, being two of them recorded live at the well known Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. The CD 'Nazareth na Confraria' has the American singer Freddy Cole as a special guest interpreting the Bossa Nova 'Stay', a Marvio collaboration with Marcos Valle, who also plays in the record.

Marvio Ciribelli formerly played with the singers Altay Veloso, Bibi Ferreira, Vanessa Rangel, Chamon, José Tobias, Nilze Carvalho, Sonia Santos and the instrumentalists Chico Batera and Alex Malheiros. He has also taken part in several jazz festivals in Brazil and abroad. In Brazil he played at the Cascavel Jazz Festival, in the State of Paraná; Vitoria Jazz Festival in Vitoria, in the State of Espírito Santo; Ibitipoca Jazz Festival and Ipatinga Live Jazz, in the State of Minas Gerais; Buzios Jazz & Blues Festival, in the State of Rio de Janeiro; Maceio Jazz Festival in Maceió, in the State of Alagoas. He has played abroad three times at the Montreux Jazz Festival and he also had remarkable performances at the Brissago Jazz Festival and Brienz Jazz Festival, all in Switzerland.

Amongst his best performances we could also mention the following: Parque Garota de Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro (RJ); Concert in honor of Princess Sayako from Japan at Night Rio's Bar, in the City of Rio de Janeiro – RJ; a performance at the club 'Mistura Fina' in RJ, which was recorded for broadcasting on a Canadian Cable TV channel; Teatro Calil Haddad in Maringá, in the State of Parana; Program 'SESC Instrumental' (at 'SESC Paulista' in the City of São Paulo – SP, recorded by a Brazilian TV channel); live at the 'Programa do Jô', a famous chat show for the Brazilian TV Globo channel; ‘Parque das Ruinas’ in the city of Rio de Janeiro and the Bar ‘Carioca da Gema’ also in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

A piano teacher of Brazilian music and improvisation, Marvio Ciribelli held a workshop for professionals and students from all the world. It took place in Los Angeles, USA. He was invited by the IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators). The musician Jamey Aebersold, one of the most important authors of books and CDs about jazz and improvisation, attended his workshop. Marvio produced several quality independent artists and managed the Jazz Label 'Finest' from the record company Spotlight in RJ, for which he produced the CD "Azymuth 21 anos" establishing the comeback of the original line up of one of the best known Brazilian groups abroad. This CD was recently released for the second time by the Brazilian record company ‘Som Livre’.

Marvio had some music tracks launched in records abroad. In Germany in the CDs Groove - Brazil 500 Years and Dancing in Rio. In Japan, in the CD Akitoshi Aoyama Project and in England in the CD The Return of the Ipanemas.

Furthermore, Marvio was responsible for the composition of the soundtrack for the film 'A Terceira Morte de Joaquim Bolivar' (2001), directed by Flavio Candido, starting with this work his share in working with the Brazilian movie industry.

Throughout 2002 Marvio Ciribelli was the musical manager in charge of booking the artists musicians for the Centro de Arte Helio Oiticica (directed by Charles Watson) in Rio de Janeiro, where he developed a project to highlight the best in contemporary Brazilian music.

From 2001 to 2003 Marvio Ciribelli produced a project called 'Fazendo o que Gosta', in which he received in his city, Niteroi (RJ), several guests famous for their work all over the world. About the project "Fazendo o que gosta".

Marvio Ciribelli has been playing throughout Brazil, with different band line ups accompanying him, that could count with the trombone players Paulo Williams and Johnson de Almeida; the bass players Rogerio Fernandes, Dudu Lima, Alex Rocha and Alex Malheiros; the drummers Marcio Bahia, Ivan 'Mamão' Conti, Rocyr Abbud, Flavinho Santos and Waltenir Estevão; the percussionists Paulão Menezes and Jakare; and the saxophone players Marcelo Martins and Tino Jr. They are all excellent musicians who share with Marvio the love for Brazilian music and the same regard for the quality of their work.

Moreover, Marvio Ciribelli also plays as a guest to other musicians, as in the gig from guitar player Jan Dumée (from Dutch group Focus), in March 2003, at the jazz club "Mistura Fina" in Rio de Janeiro, where he played alongside Arthur Maia, Mario Seve, Xande Figueiredo, Rodrigo Lessa and Carlos Malta, amongst others.

During May 2004, Marvio Ciribelli worked as Piano Clinician for the 1st 'Niterói Musifest', a jazz festival promoted by the bass player Athur Maia. Marvio invited the clarinetist Paulo Moura, trompet player Silvério Pontes, drummer Mamão (Azymuth) and trombonist Zé da Velha to play with him in a special concert during the festival. Marvio Ciribelli also played (in a jam session) with Brazilian Jazz legendary multi-instrumentalist Hermeto Pascoal.

In 2004 Marvio Ciribelli launched the CD "Fazendo o que Gosta", recorded a duo work with percussionist Marcelo Salazar and produced another musical project (St. Moritz Bar - Rio de Janeiro) receiving artists as singers Carol Saboya, Thomas-Maria Reck, Morana and Anna Pessoa, guitarist Jan Dumée, bassist Alex Malheiros, drummer Mamão and trompet player Silvério Pontes. The Ciribelli's new live CD (also recorded at the Montreux Jazz Festival) is going to be lauched in 2005.


Pianist, keyboard player, composer, arranger, producer, jazz musician, choro musician... There are many words that can be used to define Marvio Ciribelli. Marvio is indifferent to fads and a follower of the best in jazz tradition that became universal and acquired a local color, incorporating to this tradition the best of Brazilian roots such as samba, baião, choro, bossa nova and frevo (different Brazilian styles). Furthermore, he still adds to this formula all his creativity and enthusiasm, obtaining as a result a Brazilian jazz, that imposes itself through its quality and identity.

Fascinating music from someone who really is doing what he likes best. With excellent musical background, classical as well as popular, Marvio Ciribelli shows total control of the means of expressing himself, which allows him to exercise his enormous creative potential with total freedom and precision, building his own language, very personal, which quickly captivates demanding ears from those who don't follow limitations imposed by the market. What you hear from Marvio Ciribelli is always captivating and thrilling. Above all, it is music - at its best!


Marvio Ciribelli's repertoire is based on his own compositions, co-operating with other musicians and making arrangements for compositions from other musicians, Brazilian or even international ones, as long as they reflect his innovative and exiting spirit that is his trade mark.

Amongst his collaborations with other musicians we could mention his compositions with Marcos Valle, Alex Malheiros (Azymuth), Sidinho Moreira, Dom Chacal, Luiz Eça (Tamba Trio), Ian Guest, and his 'Good ol' mates' Marcio Bahia, Dudu Lima, Marcelo Martins, Glaucio Martins and Paulo Williams. Amongst his recorded arrangements we find compositions from Tom Jobim, Ary Barroso, Laercio de Freitas, Dory Caymmi and Nelson Motta, Marcos and Paulo Sergio Valle, João Bosco and Aldir Blanc, Ernesto Nazareth, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Chico Buarque and also Bill Lee (Spike Lee's Father).